To all our coolest clients, followers and supporters - we have great news and not so much that we want to share with you!
1. Our offline store in Paris will be closed 8th of October 2017.
2. We will remain as an online store as we always were.
3. We will launch our sustainable clothing brand soon that will be sold at our thesprezzatura.com.
Here is why
Since everybody in the industry constantly talking about retail and how it's rapidly dying - we are here to confirm that it actually does.

Nowadays, maintaining a small business like ours is a very challenging and energy consuming task, such things as: being actively connected both offline and online, being nice to "not so nice" people and pumping loads of money to hungry PR has to be done on a daily basis. This has depleted our budget and totally got us exhausted.

We have been working with dreadful pr agencies, which brought us zero publications and a hole in our pocket. We have been trying to pay/gift to like us to some bloggers and editors. And as it was recently said by our friend - "You are not that good if you have to pay to like you". And it's sad, because of its true, as Karen would say.

Everybody talks how is important to support designers. Nobody talks how is it important to support stores who sell them to a final consumer. And fair to say - not so many designers either glad to support their clients. To sell - yes, but simply to say where your followers should buy it - too hard for them to do. To mention that you presented at a big cool store like DSM or Net-a-porter or you name it - is an honor for all designers, but we all know the terms. You get paid when you get sold. With a small store like our - you get paid, you ship and it's not your problem anymore, end of the story.

Editors happy to accept an endless quantity of free clothes from young small businesses (designers/stores). Small business craving for support and crying for how expensive is it to please journalists and influencers when you are all alone by yourself with a tiny team you have to pay to. And it's not even guaranteed you anything.

As a store, we have been supporting young and brave brands from their very beginning. When we started back 3 years ago in Kazakhstan - we were the first who brought many of them to KZ market. There are Marques Almeida, Awake, Steven Tai and many others to prove that.

We did lots of mistakes, of course, how else. And as everyone who has his own business would understand that there are black and white stripes all the time and the way to your success is hard.

It's very nice of you and flattering to us to call such amazing projects like @thebrokenarm and @tomgreyhoundparis as our competitors in Paris but in reality, it's like us looking on Titanic back in 1914. (We never thought this way and never positioned ourselves either).

The good side of the story:
There are also great people willing to help and yes we were lucky to meet them. Thanks to many of you who were there for us and just liked the way we are.
Our clients are a very little community but there are amazing women, who we cherish and admire. Nothing would ever happen without them.

Would be fair to say that all features and appearances happened to us for the last year were absolutely unpaid and only thanks to the professionalism and curiosity of these people. Like Fashion no filter, Vogue Paris, Hunger Magazine or changing of our Instagram page from @the_sprezzatura to @sprezzatura suggested by Eva Chen.

We have to close our beautiful store in Le Marais, 8th of October would be our last day at 130 rue de Turenne. But as we said - we will remain online as we always did. We believe in e-commerce, its power, and our cos. We believe what we did was a good thing a good example to many.

We had to stop working with some of our designers but will keep looking for coolest names out there, crazy and brave like us.

Putting all our strength to e-commerce, keep developing our iOS app and start working on an Android version.

Launching our own sustainable clothing brand soon to offer the best we have discovered about our client along these years - your favourite shapes and silhouettes.

Here are no drama, only facts, and figures. We willing to work as a pop-up shop for PFW next season and plan some events in order to get to know more great people :)
Good luck to everyone who struggles in fashion today, it's tough but sometimes magic happens, if you work hard enough.

Love, ZZ team
We would be very happy if you could support us and tell the world your screwed up fashion story, add #fashionshithappens on IG, let's be the first ones who speak up for integrity and fair business.
Paris, 04.10.17
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