Yanique francis
Jamaica born, ex - New Yorker, now Parisian - beautiful and stylish food journalist and a wedding planner about Paris, New York and diversity of her daily life.
Complete strangers bounded by the same feeling of style. Before getting upset for seeing the same outfit as yours, just take a brief glance at their eyes and the resemblance of similarities will vanish. We are all different right? The only thing that really matters is - Love!
Agathe Briot
Directrice artistique, illustratrice et parisienne d'adoption, Agathe se distingue par son empreinte artistique toujours élégante et dont le trait chaleureux nous renvoie à ses origines méditerranéennes. Ses illustrations nous transportent dans son univers pétillant et coloré qui met en lumière une muse féminine.
Chloe chill
Moved from New Zealand to Australia, Chloe now lives all over the globe, scouting natural beauty to dress it up in up-and-coming designers pieces for magazines and her beautiful project Cool pretty cool.
Monica Ainley
Journalist and brand consultant Monica Ainley talks about her amazing job, fashion, business and friendship and how come she is so cool and successful in her under 30.
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